Paws and Nose is a 501c(3) registered US organization with EIN 47-3616193. All donations to Paws and Nose are tax deductible for US tax payers. Paw and Nose is granted an OFAC license from the Department of Treasury to transfer funds and goods to Iran.

M.R.T. (Yarigaran Hami Gostar Avizeh) is a registered NGO in Iran with registration number 39761. It was founded in 2012 by Ms. Fateme Avizhegan to rescue and treat injured and abused homeless dogs. 

In the corner of the metropolitan area of Tehran, hidden away from the city’s hustle and unknown to most lies MRT sanctuary; A humble sanctuary for special needs and abused dogs.

This sanctuary is built on 3000 square meters of land and at present is home to 200 dogs. This dog haven is managed by passionate and longtime animal activist, Fatemeh Avijgan. Most of the dogs living here either have special needs or have been abused, broken and put through immense suffering before being treated and cured by this center. Among them we can see many blind, deaf, tripods and disabled dogs, who need wheelchairs to walk and lead a normal life like their friends.

These needy dogs of all ages and genders come to this sanctuary from all over Iran in order to get the treatment they need and to continue life in a secure and safe environment. The sanctuary serves as a place devoid of harm, where they can be loved and cared for and share their love with people who care and understand them.

The aim of this organization is to provide the most appropriate living conditions and environment for man’s best friend based on available facilities. Like all other such shelters and animal sanctuaries in Iran, MRT is not supported by the government and therefore no funds are allocated to this cause. Everything from food to medical expenses are provided through the kind public donations of Iranian and foreign animal activists who share the same passion and speak the same language of love for animals.

M.R.T sanctuary is currently established and constructed on a rental piece of land and has one surgery - recovery room, 2 separate areas for special need dogs including one small playground, one large playground which has a small pool, 60 small fenced areas for cured dogs, one kitchen, one utility room and one small storeroom. This sanctuary currently has 4 full-time employees who ensure the smooth daily operations.

With the help of kind supporters, we have managed to equip the sanctuary with hot water pipes to keep these little babies warm during the winter and we have installed a misting cooling system to keep them cool during the hot summers of Iran. The ideal capacity of this sanctuary is 110 dogs at a time, but despite all difficulties and problems we do not turn away dogs in need and MRT gladly welcomes dogs in very severe conditions, which have no supporters, or are threatened to be euthanized due to not having a place to be cared for.

All dogs receive necessary veterinary care and treatment upon arrival and are vaccinated and dewormed after initial treatments. After a full recovery period, they are spayed and neutered one by one to avoid multiplication.
Fully recovered dogs are then put up for adoption. Naturally we are tough and strict on the adoption process and all interested volunteers have to go through the background check and fill out the necessary forms to be checked and approved.

MRT strives and hopes that it can be the voice of the stray animals in Iran and to continue rescuing and curing needy dogs.

Accomplishing this mission would be impossible without your help. Stand next to us on this quest, and help us do the impossible.

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