Paws and Nose believes that TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) is the most effective and humane method to control the over-population of the stray dogs and cats. We also believe that spay/neuter and vaccination of stray animals improves their health and increases their life span.




Pardis Medical Dec 2016

Pastor Clinic

Pardis animal shelter and Pastor Veterinary Clinic of Tabriz (IRAN) have an emergency team who responds to calls regarding injured homeless animals in the city and its surroundings. All of these animals live in the streets. Lack of nutritions, infection and motor vehicle accidents are the main reasons that these animals are brought to Pastor clinic for treatment.  Their medical cost ranges from $3000 to $4000 monthly. Paws and Nose has sent donation to help cover the cost of medical treatments of injured and homeless animals.





Pardis LOGO


Pardis was established in 2012 to shelter the dogs who were being killed by the cities and towns around the East Azarbaijan province of Iran. Pardis is a registered NGO in Iran. Currently Pardis shelter hosts more than 1000 dogs. They provide medical care, spaying/neutering, vaccination, food and shelter. The current property of Pardis is a rental. They need to move the dogs to a new location. Paws and Nose has helped Pardis with the purchasing of the new land and building the new shelter.



Mehr 01


Mashhad Mehr Animal Shelter was initially founded on Nov 13 2009 by Ms. Forough Emami Shahidi to rescue, shelter, treat, and neuter/spay homeless animals (mostly dogs) in Mashhad, Iran. Currently, the shelter is built on a 3000 sq meters rental property. As of now, there are around 500 rescued dogs in the shelter. The shelter works with several veterinarians including veterinarians from Ferdousi University. Paws and Nose has paid for the vaccination and de-worming of Mehr dogs


MRT Logo


M.R.T. (Yarigaran Hami Gostar Avizeh) is a registered NGO in Iran with registration number 39761. It was founded in 2012 by Ms. Fateme Avizhegan to rescue and treat injured and abused homeless dogs. The current sanctuary is built on a 900 sq meters rented land and at present there are more than 100 dogs (healthy and special need dogs) living in the Sanctuary. However the dogs have to be transferred to a new place as rent contract date has come to an end and the landlord is not willing to extend the contract. The new land is a round 1200 sq meters and enables the sanctuary to accept and treat more homeless dogs. All dogs receive necessary veterinary care and treatment upon arrival and are vaccinated and de-wormed after initial treatments. The sanctuary operates solely on public donations.