Paws and Nose is an international charity organization registered in the US. Paws and Nose is a 501c(3) registered organization with tax-ID number 47-3616193. All donations to Paws and Nose are tax deductible for any US tax payer. Paws and Nose also has applied for an OFAC license from the Department of Treasury to transfer funds and goods to Iran. The board members and officers of the organization are passionate volunteers who are dedicating their personal time and resources to help animals.

Our Mission

The Corporation is dedicated to charitable and educational purposes in preventing cruelty to animals in Iran and elsewhere by
• Working with veterinary clinics, shelters, rescue groups and individuals to humanely control the over-population of street and homeless animals
• Improving the health of such animals by providing medical care, spaying/neutering, vaccination, food and shelter
• Promoting and supporting adoption of homeless animals
• Educating the public on the humane treatment of and prevention of cruelty to animals.

Board of Directors

GuitiGuiti Zolfagharkhani, Founder and President

Guiti is the founder and board member of Paws and Nose. Having grown up in Tehran, she has cared for stray cats and dogs since her childhood, often struggling against superstitions and social norms. An incident that has been etched in her memory as a child is the poisoning of her beloved cat Bita by a neighbor, who acted on personal prejudices that are not uncommon. After getting an advanced degree in physics, Guiti earned the chance to study abroad, and completed her PhD at Boston University. Establishing her home and professional life in the US, Guiti began eagerly learning about animal shelters, animal treatment and control, puppy mills, and rescue efforts. She volunteered at a local cat TNR and rescue group "Spay Worcester", donated actively to various animal charities, and adopted her beloved dog Sophie from a rescue group. With the creation of Paws and Nose, Guiti is determined to bring her knowledge, experience, and passion to the complex problem of improving humane treatment of animals in society.



Fred Aram, Founder and Vice-President

Fred was born in Iran and immigrated to Canada in 2000 when he was 27. He is a volunteer board member of Paws and Nose. Having grown up with a family who had passion for animals, Fred had cats and birds most of his life. Having earned his undergraduate degree in the field of agriculture, he was exposed to many of the cruelties inflicted on animals in industrial farming and the business of animal husbandry. With adoption of his first dog Lucky his passion for animals grew even bigger, and Fred decided to get involved in animal welfare and protection activities in the homeland and elsewhere in the world. He started volunteering as remote support staff for a few shelters in Iran and worked with international organizations and groups to save the life of many dogs and cats. Fred now has 4 adopted dogs and the number is growing. Someone needs to stop him. Fred lives in Vancouver, Canada, and works for a major international electronics company.

Alexei2Alexei Gaidarzhy, Founder and Treasurer

Alexei shares family life with Guiti and their bully rescue Sophie. Having grown up in a rural environment, Alexei has seen the deplorable conditions in which animals, both stray and domesticated, often live. However, it was through Guiti’s influence that the cause for stray animal rescue and population control was transformed for him from a hazy idea to an immediate and urgent need for action. Having thus been “inspired” into animal activism, Alexei has been fortunate to be part of the effort to save lives, one dog or cat at a time.


Layla2Layla Hormozi, Founder and Secretary

Layla is a busy physicist, currently based in the Boston area, who loves all elements of nature and especially animals of all kinds. As the board member and secretory of Paws and Nose, she hopes to be able to contribute to the welfare of animals, big and small, wherever and whenever possible.