Paws and Nose is dedicated to improving the lot of stray and feral cats and dogs in Iran. Our organization is based on voluntarism. To bring about our goal of lessening the sorrows and daily torments of these poor animals, we financially support capture/spay/Neuter operations in Iran. When animals are not tame or when suitable homes can’t be found for them, these animals will be treated and released to the environments where they inhabited. In all of these efforts we collaborate with volunteer groups organized in neighborhoods or social media. Our organization is fully transparent in all its activities and transactions and we endeavor to keep our overhead as close to zero as possible. Please consider donating to our cause with the peace of mind that, under our OFAC license, we are fully authorized by the US government to collect and send funds to Iran with the exclusive purpose of helping stray cats and dogs.


Our Mission
The Corporation is dedicated to charitable and educational purposes in preventing cruelty to animals in Iran and elsewhere by
• Working with veterinary clinics, shelters, rescue groups and individuals to humanely control the over-population of street and homeless animals
• Improving the health of such animals by providing medical care, spaying/neutering, vaccination, food and shelter
• Promoting and supporting adoption of homeless animals
• Educating the public on the humane treatment of and prevention of cruelty to animals.


100% Volunteer Staff
The board members and officers of organization are passionate volunteers who are dedicating their personal time and resources to help animals. Their love for animals has no borders. They believe all animals deserve the same basic medical care, food and sheltering no matter where they are born.